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Our History


The Mount Paran Baptist Church held a series of congregational meetings, which were led by Dr. TD Robinson, the senior pastor. The purpose of these meetings was to determine how the church could address the needs of the community. After careful consideration, it was decided by Dr. Robinson and the Board of Directors that a separate entity was needed to support the church's community outreach efforts. Thus, in 2000, the Hope Community Development Corporation was founded as an outreach initiative of the Mount Paran Baptist Church.


As the organization continued to grow, Dr. Robinson was inspired by a vision to build God a City of HOPE, which stands for Helping Others Pursue Excellence. This vision led the church to relocate from the Westside of Indianapolis to a new home on the Far Eastside. HOPE CDC expanded its scope to become an independent nonprofit entity while maintaining a strong partnership with the church. By leveraging the mission, vision, resources, and community networks of the church, HOPE CDC was able to make a positive impact on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis.


The partnership between Mount Paran Baptist Church and HOPE CDC is thriving today. Their collaboration is a perfect example of the synergy between faith-based values and community development efforts. Together, they have formed an organization with a mission to develop and support safe, caring, and sustainable neighborhoods.


Mount Paran Baptist Church - Founded


Farrell Bell Senior Apartments Open


Mt Paran Baptist Church sells 15 Acres to Goodwill Industries of Indiana for the development of a Processing Center/Workforce Development Site



HOPE CDC is formed


Mt Paran Baptist Church moves to Far Eastside (38 acres site)


LIFT Indy Designation Granted by the City

of Indianapolis

Our Mission

The Mission of the HOPE Community Development Corporation is to develop safe, caring, and sustainable neighborhoods through quality affordable housing and diverse supportive services that directly impact and transform the lives of residents.

Our Vision

Hope Community Development Corporation envisions vibrant communities where our organization is a leader in creating safe, caring, and lasting neighborhoods. Through quality, affordable housing and supportive services, we aspire to transform lives positively, leaving a sustainable legacy of well-being and community vibrancy. Our vision is empowerment, prosperity, and hope to thrive in every individual, family, and neighborhood we serve.


Building the City of HOPE

From a desire to address community needs and help improve the quality of life of neighbors, the City of HOPE vision was born in the hearts of the Mount Paran Baptist Church family to address the physical, social, economic, educational, and spiritual needs of the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area.

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